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Cobra 711


This product is available in different lengths. Please select longer versions if you are tall or for downhill. Please select shorter versions for slalom or carving. The deck is made from wood. The color of the visible wood may vary and be lighter or darker as the samples shown.


The boards are made from the multiplex board instead of standard 7 ply maple. The deck is structured to be used without grip tape. Grip tape should be added in case you want to use the boards for severe slalom.

overall length: 711mm
overall width: 240mm
wheel diameters: 70mm
deck: 11ply
truck overall width: 240mm

Since the products are individually produced, the refund is limited to products with production defects, faulty material or damages due to transportation to you. Wheel colors may be different to those shown. The color of the wood may vary.


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